What I have learned from my Action Research

For most part of our class, we listened to invited speakers and picked their brains too.  We had the chance to learn as much as we can from the experts in the business industry but the time has come for us to take center stage and share our very own story specifically our action research.  Before I go on and on about action research, I will define it first.

Action research is participatory inquiry focused on improving the organization and its processes.  Members of an organization can engage in this research to improve their own practices and performance.   It is a four-step cyclical process comprised of 1) constructing, 2) planning action, 3) taking action and 4) evaluating action (Coghlan & Brannick, Doing action research in your own organization, 2014, p. 9). 

Below are some of my learnings while doing the first cycle of my action research:

  1. Doing an insider Action Research is not an easy feat.  It takes more than just data and related literature to establish a problem.  One has to take a deep and thorough into what is going on with the organization and see if they can improve it.
  2.  Preparing an action research proposal has been very challenging for me.  I don’t have much background in research.   Selecting my issue didn’t come to me easily.   I had several issues in mind but finally settled with one after some contemplation.
  3. Looking for related literature is another major challenge for me.  I find it very hard to find studies and publications that are related to my topic but I kept on looking.  As I am just beginning on my action research, my related literature is quite limited; however, I intend to keep reading more while I am continuing on this action research.
  4. Addressing an issue within an organization is quite complicated and involves several stakeholders.  To be able to conduct the action research, I have to gain the approval and cooperation of the people involved.
  5. Implementing one cycle of action research is definitely not enough.  The initial cycle served as a preliminary inquiry and will pave the way to a clearer picture of the situation.
  6. An action research is involves a group of people with different personalities. It is very challenging to work in a group while keeping the integrity of the action research.  Collaboration is very important in this type of research.   This research is more than just presentation and presentation of date, it also includes social interaction.

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