The Marshmallow Challenge MBA style

Our class started with a little challenge  called the Marshmallow  Challenge.


Our marshmallow structure after 18 minutes.  We failed to build the tallest one but ours is the sturdiest. It stood tall long after other structures fell. 

Our group quickly planned a way of putting up the highest marshmallow  structure  in the class.  The materials are limited so have to maximize every piece.  We have to make sure that there will be enough material for the structure  we have in mind and waste nothing.

We started with a square base so we could have a stable foundation but the spaghetti  pieces we used were so small we can barely hold it.  A stick broke at some point  which reminded  us how fragile the material is.  We decided then that we need a bigger  base and opted  for a triangular  base.

The challenge seemed easy at first until we started building our tower.  It was tricky and the constant  reminder  how much time we have left is quite unnerving but as MBA students  we are used to working under pressure.  We have to focus and stay  calm otherwise  our structure will fall.  We didn’t have a leader who took charge. We were open to ideas and tried another approach once the first one turned out to be not so feasible.  We had our own task such as tying the straw  rope around the sticks, cutting tapes/straw strips  and holding the tower while it is in progress.  We have to keep a steady hand all throughout the process.

Despite the tricky challenge  we still had fun.  It was not a matter of making he tallest taller but making sure that it remain standing.  We didn’t  win but our tower stood tall long after other groups’ fell.  We were so proud of our tower and ended up with a group with high morale and respect for each other.

The challenge  thought me several things such as: listening  to other members as they might have better ideas, trying a different approach when the current one is not working, staying calm and composed amidst pressure and chaos and enjoying the process instead of obsessing about it.


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