Learning a thing or two

Learning is a lifelong process.  Sounds cliché but true.  The moment we took notice of our surroundings when we were just babies, we started collecting data and transforming them into useful information.  Every waking moment is a chance to learn, whether we acknowledge it or not.  Continuous learning is essential for everyone especially leaders and that was the major key take-away from Ms. Chiqui Escarael-Go’s talk.

Chiqui Escareal-Go is the President and CEO of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc., an advocacy-based marketing, sales, innovation and strategy training and consultancy company.   When Chiqui first started in Mansmith, she was not an expert in marketing at all.  On the contrary, she needed to learning almost everything from scratch.  That didn’t stop her from aiming for excellence.  She worked tireless to study how things work in that field.  She took things to heart and wanted her work to be a reflection of the standard of their professionalism.

As an MBA student who wishes to excel in my field, I was awed by her story.  She exudes charisma and confidence.  Her passion to continuously improve herself in the world that keeps on changing is really inspiring.   She attended programs to compensate for her lack of practical knowledge in the field of marketing and pursued higher learning both here and abroad.

It is important to be aware of what you already and what you still need to know, to be humble enough to admit that you still have room left for improvement and make a commitment to pursue continuous learning even if it means leaving your comfort zone and throwing yourself in the abyss of the unknown.  I believe that not knowing what to expect is half the fun of learning such as my own adventures in the MBA program.  Term after term, I would meet new professors and classmates, work with new set of group mates  and face challenging academic requirement.  Most of the time, I don’t know how I survived but I am still here, better and a little bit smarter.   While graduate school has taught me a lot already, I am fully aware that learning is not limited to the four corners of the classroom.   Reading is a great way of learning and winding down (at least for me).  I believe that even the most mundane book has something to teach us.   Keeping up with what’s going on around us, both here and abroad, is another way of learning.   Talking to someone who is an expert in a particular field is another opportunity to learn something new.  I would love to have a sit down with an astrophysicist and ask her/him questions from the most profound to the silliest.   Even younger generations can teach a thing or two about the evolving society we live in.  It’s good to sometimes go out of the rock you live under and see how the young ones are behaving.


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