Learning from the Pro

What will get our of listening to a CEO with decades of experience under his belt? A lot.

Mr. Ramoncito Fernandez, the current CEO of Maynilad Water Services Inc., has definitely taught us a lot during his talk.  Mr. Fernandez has been in several industries and that only made a well rounded and competent.  He managed packaging, telecommunications and even government regulated business tollways.  Different businesses have varying systems and landscape and it honed his management skills.

While he had shared so many useful insights both in business and in life, there are a couple lessons that stuck to me until this very moment:

  • When leading, do not forget your advocacy. Just because you are so busy with your career it doesn’t mean you will no longer champion your advocacy.  You can still make it work.  In his case, he kept on promoting the engineering technical field by sponsoring scholarships.  It is also another way of adding vale to the corporation.
  • Management, especially leadership, is a life long learning.  He might reach the top of the corporate ladder but it didn’t stop him for doing and learning more.  Interaction with new people and engaging in a different situation also brought new knowledge   In life, we may think that we already know everything there is to learn only to realize that we know so little.  It is only prudent to be as eager to learn something new as you were when you were just beginning.
  • Know when to let go.  A leader has to know when he has to stay close and when to let a subordinate fly on his own. It is alright to let your team make decisions on their own.  If they made mistakes, it is also part of the learning process.   We don’t have to always be there all the time.  We have to learn to have faith in people, knowing that the will do what is best not just for them but for the organization.

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