The CLFG way

Maria Ester “Maret” Follosco Bautista is not your ordinary businesswoman.  She is not simply busy making money for her businesses she also make sure that her efforts contribute to the national development.   A daughter of a visionary, Ms. Bautista works hard to continue her father’s legacy.

CL Follosco Group came from humble beginning as Ms. Bautista shared during her talk.  Dr. Ceferino Follosco established Alpha Machinery & Engineering Corporation in 1996 with minimal capital and only a P.O box address in Manila.  The founder’s efforts paid off and slowly his sole business turned into a group of companies and was incorporated as a holding company in 2009.

Ms. Bautista’s talked centered on these topics; her father and his legacy, CL Follosco Group’s effort to contribute to the national development and family values.

Ms. Bautista’s regard to her father is apparent in the way she speaks about him.  She shared how her father started a business and how he made it grow.  She talked about the values he inculcated in her and her siblings.  It is evident that Dr. Ceferino Follosco’s legacy will stay long after his gone because his family embodies it.  As she goes further into her talk, I realized exactly why she is so proud of her father.

CL Follosco Group’s is more than just earning profits, it is also keen on helping the country.  Most people see national development as something that only concerns the government.  We see so many things to improve on but we rarely do anything about it.  CL Follosco Group of Companies is different.  They works hard to contribute to the national development of country and it is not as simple as providing jobs to Filipinos.   They also go to far flung provinces and see if there is something they can help the local with.  Since the business specializes in industrial clustering, they also employed the same idea to some provinces they have been.  One of the fortunate ones is the sardine industry in Dipolog.  The sardine community used to work independently and as result they produce products that varies in sizes, ingredients and packaging.  With the help of CLFG and funding from DTI and JICA, the industry  now have a common facility, uses the same oil and produces same sizes of bottles.  It is also their way of unifying people.

Ms. Bautista also shared her family values and how it was intertwined with the business.  They have policies that govern them on how to run their business and because they stick to their core values they don’t a hard time following said policies.  The next generation don’t have it easy just because the business is working well already.  They also have to work hard and contribute to the business such as coming up with new business ideas.  Every member of the family is expected to do his/her part and not simply live off the family’s money.

One of the key take aways from her talk is that business models can be innovated.  You can come up with your very own business model by considering your resources and values.



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