MBA Elective: CEO Series


I was so excited to start a new academic term with my first subject: Trends and Issues in Business Management: CEO Series, which is an elective in my MBA program.  I chose this subject over the others because I am really interested to listen to top CEOs of the country as they share their valuable experiences and insights both on the corporate world and on personal and professional growth.  This is an opportunity I would gladly take advantage of.  It’s not every day that you get to talk to CEOs and ask them your very own questions.  I am so thrilled to meet all of them.

The first session was dedicated to the introduction of the course, followed by the ever present first day of school “introduce yourself” part.  To make it more interesting our professor, Ms. Pia Marasigan, asked us to partner with a classmate we’ve never met before and spend five minute getting to know each other.  We then introduce each other to the rest of the class.  I partnered with Felice or Fel for short and I had a wonderful time talking to her.  We then given the over view of the what would be the entire look like, the schedules and the line of speakers.  I can’t wait for the next session to come 🙂



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