Beauty with a Conscience

Most of us believe that the main purpose of a business is to earn profit and accept the norm that corporations will go to any lengths to further their business and maximize their profits.  It genuinely pleases me when I read about companies that are socially responsible and willing to forgo higher profit margin in favor of good working conditions, fare wages and protecting the environment.  One local company that makes me proud as a Filipino is Human Nature, leading producer of natural cosmetic and personal care products in the country.

Human Nature made organic personal care products affordable and accessible to the masses.  When you think of organic and environmentally friendly products, you would automatically associate it with hefty price tag and founders of Gandang Kalikasan Inc. wanted to change that. Their products are made from safe and biodegradable ingredients that are sourced from sustainable materials at fair price.   Human Nature stores also carry several social enterprise brands.  Human Nature’s advocacy, which are pro-Philippines, pro-poor, and pro-environment, are reflected in their products and business practices.


I personally use their products and I can attest to the quality of their products. It is liberating to be able to use beauty/body products that will not compromise your health, the environment, dignity of the workers and your budget.


It is refreshing to come across business people that genuinely care about the people and the planet. They are the proof that you can earn profit without violating labor laws and damaging the environment. Companies like them make me hope that one day the business landscape will change and being socially responsible will be a common practice in every organization.


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